Many startups can find it challenging to know where to begin, how to write a business plan, and get their business up  and running. We provide the consultation and resources to guide you in your business journey, as well as the services that will help start and run your business

We provide the services to help you launch your business,

Consultation and professional advice for starting a business in Canada

Based on our expertise and experience, we can provide you wit the necessary information needed to launch your projects

Incorporating business name and company

Helping you to incorporate your business in Canada by ensuring all the legal and administrative steps have been taken

Support with starting and developing business plans

Ensuring that your business plan is matched to legal and provincial standards

as well as services to grow and scale your business

IT Solutions

Providing you with web and app development services with the help of our partnered developers

Incubation and Investment

Helping you find funding and connecting you to other support services for your business

Commercial Real Estate

Provision of real estate servics for office and commercial spaces by our licensed realtors

Startup Visa Support​

Making sure all the logistics of your business are as ideal as possible to obtain a letter of support from designated organizations to apply for Canadian permanent residency

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