Posted July 12, 2021 / By Alex Shahbazfar

A lot entrepreneurs are skeptical about sharing their business ideas, but some of them rely on feedback. For this reason, a lot of people are torn between sharing their ideas and getting feedback about their soon-to-be business.

Well, there isn’t a right answer because people have different levels of sensitivity when it comes to their idea getting out there. On one hand, a lot of people are scared someone else might duplicate their idea and start the same business. On the other hand, a lot of others might believe that not everyone has what it takes to work on the same business idea and launch the same startup, regardless of if their ideas are known to others or not.

So, what is the right course of action?

I believe that if you do choose to share your idea for feedback and/or opinion, have these in mind:

  •  Not everyone has the passion and dedication to launch their own startup.
  • Describe your idea in the most basic sense without any details
  • Know the person you are sharing your idea with. Identify a level of trust based on how much that idea means to you and who that person is. To some people, their idea might not mean as much it might mean to others, and they would mind it less if their idea was to be stolen by others.

It is important to also mention that people’s perception of your idea might distort your own perception of your startup idea. Before you share your idea with others, make sure that you have a solid image of your startup and have laid out the basic details of it for yourself.

On a final note, keep in mind that a lot of others might have had the same exact business idea but they were not able execute it.

What matters more than having an idea is executing that idea. After all, it is important to advance your idea beyond just an idea.

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