About Us

Unity Education and Settlement Consulting Inc. is a consulting firm mainly focusing on educational advising to international students and the post-arrival services for new immigrants. The company is located in North Vancouver; however, we are connected to diverse communities through our loyal associates all across the globe. 

Furthermore, Unity represents most universities, colleges, and school districts across Canada. Being in the field of international education for more than twenty years, the president of the company considers himself privileged to assist talented individuals find their path to maximize their potential by placing them in the educational environment they deserve.

On the other hand, as a supplementary service, we offer a comprehensive Welcome Package. This beneficial package is to give the new immigrants a peace of mind about how to settle in the new environment in a timely and safe manner. These services are including but not limited to the airport shuttle, introducing you to the licensed professionals in the field of insurance, housing, banking services, and financial advisory. When first arriving in a new country, finding trustworthy professionals could be a hassle We try to help the new immigrants receive these services from the right sources within the first few weeks of their arrival.


What sets us apart

Our marketing policy has been upon word of mouth. To achieve this goal and to expand our business, we believe in quality and precise work as there is no room for error, especially when it comes to applying to a college or university.

Today Unity Education and Settlement Consulting Inc feels more mature and experienced than the past and is looking forward to expanding its services considering quality as the main priority.

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